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What Is the full form Of UNICEF,unicef full form,long form of unicef

What is the full form of UNICEF:-

UNICEF Full Form Is United Nation Children's Fund

UNICEF Full form is  United Nations Children's Fund; erstwhileit had been known as United nations International Children?s Emergency Fund. United Nations Children's Fund a special program of the 
United nations that works for the final welfare of the poor kids and mothers across the globe.

UNICEF Brief History:-

It was made by United nations General Assembly on Dec eleven, 1946 for the welfare of European kids once warfare ll.

In 1950, General Assembly extended its mandate in order that it will facilitate the poor kids and mothers in developing countries.
In 1953, United Nations Children's Fund became the permanent member of UN General Assembly and its name was shortened to ?United Nations Children?s Fund. However, the assembly preserved its word form "UNICEF".
Today United Nations Children's Fund is functioning in additional than one hundred ninety countries. It works with native communities, business partners and governments of the countries to supply imperative relief aid to poor kids and mothers.

UNICEF Know that every one kids have the correct to adequate nutrition, education, health and protection against abuse and exploitation. consequently, it focuses on 5 major issues baby-faced by the kids that area unit listed below:
Violence and exploitation

Full Meaning Of Unicef and its functions:-

United Nations Children's Fund is world organization Children’s Fund. In 1946, once the United Nations Children's Fund was based ab initio, it stood for world organization International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). The United Nations Children's Fund was based to uphold the rights and supply food, health care and security to youngsters full of the atrocities of the Second war. In 1953, once the United Nations Children's Fund became a permanent program below the world organization and thanks to ever-changing world situation, the words international and emergency were overlooked of the initial name. The world organization failed to need to alter the initial word form and symbolism; thus they continued to retain the initial word form United Nations Children's Fund. Since then, United Nations Children's Fund has stood for world organization Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and at the presentUnited Nations Children's Fund works in one hundred ninety countries and territories to shield the rights of the kids. It had become a special program of the world organization that incessantly works for the final welfare of the impoverished youngsters and mothers across the planet.

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