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What Is The Full Form Of UPS

UPS Full Form Is :- Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS runs on battery that is employed {to offer|to provide|to produce} power within the absence of primary supply or once supply is stop. A UPS will keep a laptop running for a few minutes providing you with enough time to avoid wasting all of your knowledge so as to not snap.

Many UPSs currently provide software package that mechanically saves your knowledge and finish off your laptop.

Battery size is additionally a very important think about the choice of UPS systems.

Types of UPS System:-

There are 2 styles or type of UPS system those are given below.

·       Stand-by power system: - when the power is off or not available in our home or office, the power supply is getting act to give power to the system or computer that is for some time on that time we used for save those thing to do further work from the last not from the start.

·       Online power supply: - it has won inverter to give power when power is off. Its very costly also.

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