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http full from |what is the full form of HTTP

HTTP is stand for : Hyper Text Transfer protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol is associate application protocol used for electronic communication. It’s the bottom of information communication in World Wide net. It provides a typical for net browsers that facilitates users to exchange info over web. protocol is employed by most of the websites to access any file or page. protocol may be a request-response protocol within the consumer server computing model. it's associate application layer protocol designed among the framework of web Protocol Suite.

Full of HTTP:-

What is machine-readable text/Hypertext:

A text containing a link among it, is understood as machine-readable text. If you click on a word on a webpage and it air you on a brand new page, it means that you have got clicked on a machine-readable text.

 How HTPP protocol works:-

When you enter a computer address in your application program to access any specific file or page, the protocol fetches info from the server and responses back that requested web content to the consumer. you would like to jot down protocol before the address of the page.

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