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sop full form

SOP is stand for : Standard Operating Procedure

SOP full meaning is Standard Operating Procedure. it's a typical method followed by firms to confirm consistency in numerous business functions like sales, marketing, accounting, client service, etc. it should vary from company to company on the premise of nature of business. for instance; the banks, hotels, and hospitals area unit doubtless to own slightly totally different SOPs.


In little firms, business executive makes all the vital choices associated with day to day business activities. however because the company expands, documented SOPs area unit required to bring consistency in business functions. It works as a reference guide for the staff, that helps workers perceive the order of business practices and different routine tasks.

In some firms, SOPs area unit quite very important and desires to be followed strictly. For example, Clinical analysis, Emergency Response, Power Plants, and prescription drugs area unit some the essential fields wherever there's no scope for errors.

The SOP is customary process. it's a group of step by step tips or directions that Associate in Nursing organisation compiles so its workers and employees will do the routine operations that area unit advanced in nature. With the SOPs, the businesses and organisations of various varieties try and win uniformity in employees’ performance, quality output similarly because the potency. It reduces the prospect of miscommunication and employees totally befits trade laws. Once the SOPs area unit enforced in an exceedingly company, it ensures that there's consistency in several official functions like accounting, sales, marketing, client service, etc. On the idea of services offered, SOPs might vary from company to company. within the firms that area unit smaller in size, typically the corporate executive is accountable of taking selections relating to the daily business activities. Still, SOPs area 
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