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How to download the Ekbet app?

Ekbet is one of the largest and best-known betting providers in India. Not least the promise that Ekbet gives away the betting tax to its customers ensures a lively influx. Of course, there is also a dedicated app for smartphones and tablets. We have written a review of the Ekbet apk for our betting apps test.

Newly registered Ekbet sports betting customers can expect a welcome offer. More information about the Ekbet bonus can be found in our betting bonus comparison.

Ekbet App Test

The Ekbet Sports app is available for download for the two major operating systems Android and iOS. There is also a Ekbet mobile website. Visually, it hardly differs from the Ekbet Android app and the iOS app and is therefore also suitable as an alternative when memory space is limited. However, the mobile version of the website cannot access device functions and users cannot fully enjoy the technical possibilities of the Ekbet apk.

In this respect, a native app is preferable if you want to use the Ekbet betting offer regularly. From time to time, however, it can also be an advantage to use the mobile website. This way, you can also switch to the Ekbet desktop version on a mobile device if necessary. But we'll get to that later.

In our Ekbet app test, we looked at the Ekbet iOS app in version 5.3.0 in February 2022. The prerequisite for its use are iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices with iOS 11.0 or higher. Of course, we do not only want to focus on Apple and also consider peculiarities of the Ekbet Android app.

Where can I download the Ekbet app?

You can install the iOS version of the Ekbet cricket betting app as usual in the Apple App Store (formerly iTunes). Ekbet download and update there with one click. The Ekbet app in the iOS version is no longer as slim as it used to be. 72.5 MB are a significant increase compared to version 4.0, which came with just over 20 MB.

Anyone wanting to download the Ekbet Android version used to have comparatively more effort. Since April 2021, the Ekbet apk file has been available for download in the Google Play Store and the app for the Ekbet IPL betting game can also be found there.

Of course, this has to do with the 2021 re-regulation of the Indian sports betting market. Ekbet was one of the first providers to receive a betting license from the Curacao Gambling Commission.

Live betting in the Ekbet app

Those who place or evaluate live bets usually do so via a mobile device. No matter whether they are on the move, watching the games together in the stadium or in front of a TV set. Speed is the trump card. In this respect, sports betting apps are especially required in this segment. How does the Ekbet apk perform in live betting and cashout?

After the loading screen with Ekbet advertising subjects, we first get to a general overview, the home screen, when we start up the app. There you have several menu items for quick selection related to live events: Live Betting, Today, My Live, Favourites. Ekbet has improved this and now uses small graphics for visual relief. In principle, you could also simply scroll down to see the latest live bets. However, the menu item takes you to a more comprehensive view.

In the Ekbet app event view, you first get to the overview. All markets available for live betting are gathered on this page. As with other betting providers, changes in odds are highlighted in green (higher) or red (lower). At the top you can follow the course of the game in an animated graphic. In the second tab you will find further statistics on the respective event.

In the other tabs you have access to the line-up and the live ticker. This is also where you will find one of the most exciting features of the Ekbet app. With a click on the bell, you can manage event notifications.

Cashout in the Ekbet Sports App

Ekbet displays an overview of all placed bets under "My bets". There are several sub-items here. Of course, "Open", "Cashout" and "Live" are worth highlighting. Betting tips are displayed there with information on the type (single bet, combination bet, system bet), stake, possible winnings and the current cashout value. In the test, we sorely missed one piece of information: What was actually bet on? In order to get this information, the betting slip must be folded out.

If, for example, you place several individual bets on the same match on the same day, you will quickly lose track. Unfolding the betting slips, maybe even the wrong ones, takes time and can possibly be one click too many to evaluate the bet in time. Finally, Ekbet updates the cashout amount like other betting providers. Meanwhile, markets and early evaluation are "pending" and cannot be selected.

Behind the somewhat newer Cashout Alarm feature is of course an extension for the Auto-Cashout. With the conventional auto-cashout, you set an amount in advance at which the bet is automatically evaluated without your further intervention. With the Cash-Out Alarm, you only receive an app notification and can now consider once again whether you want to use the Cash Out.

Ekbet App: Betting slip

As soon as an odds has been selected in the Ekbet sports betting app, a red dot with a white number appears on the far right of the betting slip in the footer menu. This indicates that there is at least one selection in the betting slip. To open it, click on it. The fact that the betting slip does not open automatically is especially positive for players who want to put together a combination bet.

The betting slip itself fills the entire screen of the mobile device in the Ekbet app. Of course, the bet type and stake amount are specified there. You can also click a checkbox to indicate whether odds changes are accepted during the betting process. Once all settings have been made to your satisfaction, you can place the bet by clicking on the big green button.

In addition to the Ekbet brand colour red, light tones such as white and light grey dominate the Ekbet app. Important buttons, i.e. placing bets and cashout, are conspicuous in colour and thus make it easier to use.

In the past, the redemption of free bets and risk-free bets was problematic when placing bets via the Ekbet app. They were not clickable in the betting slip in the mobile app. If access to a PC is also missing at this moment, this is of course annoying. In this case, a little trick helped: Call Ekbet in the browser of your smartphone or tablet and switch to the desktop version in the browser menu. Log in and check whether the free bet is displayed there. If it is missing there as well, the only thing that can help is a complaint to the customer service. This problem should have been solved by now.

A practical option is to receive a betting slip notification. It is sent via push and can be activated or deactivated in the settings if necessary.

The user area in the Ekbet app

What about managing the customer account in the Ekbet sports betting app? If you own an Apple device, you can conveniently log in with Touch ID (fingerprint scan) or Face ID (face scan). To do this, these functions must be activated in the device settings as well as in the settings of the Ekbet sports betting app. Furthermore, we find an option "Stay logged in" - also in the Ekbet Android app. If this is activated, the biometric authentication is deactivated at the same time. It is clearly no longer needed. This feature is basically practical. However, in terms of data security, you should be even more careful that the device does not fall into the wrong hands.

The home screen of the Ekbet app is a successful mixture of betting programme and overview of your account. Under "My News" you can find news from the bookmaker. This includes credits as well as current promos. This is important insofar as the betting provider Ekbet personally invites its customers to special promotions such as the Ekbet Spin and only in this way will you receive the corresponding link to the promotion. Note: The promotion pages are opened externally in a browser window where you then have to enter the username in the correct spelling to participate (of course WITHOUT a password).

Clicking on the account balance will take you to the extended account management in the Ekbet app. There you can edit user data, make deposits and withdrawals and access the help area. In addition to the FAQ section, you can also contact customer service there. The Ekbet sports betting app is available in two languages: Hindi, English.

Ekbet App: User-friendliness and usability

In the past, the Ekbet sports betting app repeatedly had to struggle with some quirks. Not least because of this, numerous users longed for the Ekbet Classic App, i.e. the old version before the last big relaunch. But those times are over. The Ekbet app runs solidly on the smartphone and offers a pretty good mobile betting experience.

In our opinion, the design of the home screen is quite successful. The most important functions can be selected quickly. In general, navigation in the Ekbet app is simple and self-explanatory.

However, a search function is missing. Therefore, we look at the click path. As a rule, the betting markets you are looking for should be accessible within three clicks. In the case of special bets, it can of course take one more until the odds land in the betting slip. In this context, we recommend using the favourites function. The associated overview page is particularly useful for players who prefer to bet on certain teams, leagues or sports.

The payment transactions in the Ekbet apk are clearly laid out. After selecting the preferred payment method, you can see the most important information about minimum amounts, any fees, etc. As soon as you have selected the desired amount, a pop-up opens that forwards you to the financial service provider.

Deposit and withdraw cash with the Ekbet app

With the in-house payment method Ekbet, users in India can use the Ekbet sports betting app themselves to make deposits and withdrawals at the cash desks of numerous trading partners. An integrated map of the surrounding area serves this purpose well.

The chat can also be used with the Ekbet Sports app. When contacting Ekbet via mail form, a file of up to 3 MB can be attached. This is helpful, for example, when verifying the customer account.

Users of the Ekbet app will notice a small tab relatively quickly. With a swipe, other offers can be called up. This tab can be quite annoying and can also be activated unintentionally. Fortunately, it can be deactivated in the personal settings.

Progress in the free spinning of bonus credits is also displayed in the Ekbet app, namely under Payout. There you can see how much still needs to be wagered in order to be able to transfer the credit.

Ekbet App: Conclusion

The Ekbet Sports App has some features that we noticed very positively in the test:

  • Favourites function

  • Display of open bonus turnover

  • Live chat customer service

  • Betting slip notifications via push

It is impossible to imagine the Indian sports betting market without Ekbet. This is mainly due to a very good betting offer, which of course also includes a well-functioning mobile app. The Ekbet apk for Android and iOS meets these requirements. It is fast, clearly arranged and offers some helpful features.

However, the Ekbet sports betting app has no frills or visual gimmicks like the apps of some other sports betting providers. Those who value superficiality might find Ekbet's mobile presence somewhat spartan. In our test, the lack of a search function was more serious. The presentation in "My bets" is also somewhat unfortunate.

The Ekbet payment method, however, is a real hit. Via the Ekbet app, you can deposit and withdraw cash from selected trading partners. What an innovation!

The terms and conditions of Ekbet apply.