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Linebet Pakistan - Analysis June 2022


  • British origin

  • Dates back to 2007

  • Also offers casino and roulette

Extensive range of bets with fairly high odds



  • DATE FOUNDED: 2007

  • GAMES AVAILABLE: Sports betting & casino

  • WEBSITE: linebet

  • OUR SCORE: 8/10

Description Linebet Betting

Linebet is a bookmaker of Russian origin, founded in 2007 and operating in Pakistan legally and licensed under the domain Linebet. Its name is the composition of the word "Bet", bet in English and "Fred", the name of one of the founders of the company, Fred Done.

Linebet betting shops and betting outlets have since proliferated in the Europe, and now number around 1,000. Founder Fred Done lost a million pounds by betting on Manchester United finishing ahead of Chelsea in the Premiership in 2005, when the Londoners eventually took the title.

Headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, Linebet employs an estimated 5,000 people. In Pakistan, Linebet offers pre-match and live sports betting, online casino games, live roulette and slot machines through its website.

Register at Linebet

  1. Access Linebet's main website from the  link.

  2. At the top of the screen we see the expression "Register now!", click on it.

  3. It will take us to a window in which we must enter data in 3 different steps.

  4. Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to deposit funds to bet.

Sports betting at Linebet

Linebet is made up of 5 main sections which are shown in the header menu.

While the speciality of this bookmaker are the pre-match and live sports betting, which are located in the first 2 sections of the menu called "Sports" and "Live", the rest of the gaming offer is complemented by the casino, Live Roulette and Slots sections.

Focusing on Linebet's sports betting, the left-hand side of the screen shows the menu with all available sports and the number of events that can be bet on in each of them.

Today's events, which are the most important matches to be played on the current day, are displayed in the middle of the screen.

When you click on a sport, for example football, the list of countries will appear and it will be a matter of looking for the one you are interested in and then finding the match you are interested in. Finally, for each match, all the types of bets that can be played will appear.

Linebet offers and odds

Linebet's sports menu is really extensive, and includes all the usual sports and others not so frequent in Pakistan such as cricket, wrestling, Australian football or non-sporting issues such as politics.

Within the menu, there is a clear predilection for football, which is the one with the most events by far, and the rest move in a proportional relationship with the number of followers they enjoy in Pakistan or you can try betpro-pakistan.com

With regard to the types of bets on each match, the list is extensive but with a total prominence of goals. Bets on the number of goals that will or will not be exceeded in the match, bets on the goal line of each team, bets with handicap or result at half-time are some of the examples.

Regarding Linebet's odds, they are in the average range of practically all bookmakers. In some events they pay slightly more and in others slightly less, that is to say the usual in the tight Pakistan market.

Functionality and navigation of the Linebet website

On a functional level, the Linebet website has no drawbacks. Moving through the menus, moving from one section to another or navigating between sports and competitions is very easy and comfortable. In terms of design, it may be a little less elaborate and simpler than other bookmakers that have compensated for the visual aspect, although this is merely aesthetic.

It has a calendar function so that the main matches appear ordered by time, for those who for whatever reason want to plan a week or a day and need to keep track of what time their favorite matches start.

It also offers a "Favorites" option so that users can access their favorite competitions more quickly and not have to go step by step to get to them.

Otherwise it is easy in every respect and everything is easy to understand.

Linebet App

Linebet has not developed an app to be installed on mobile devices, at least for the moment. But this is nothing to complain about as the Linebet website is adapted to mobile phones, so that when we visit it from our device the menus, sports or odds, are adapted in size and shape to a screen that is so small compared to that of a computer.

The functions that can be performed from the computer and those that can be executed from a mobile phone in Linebet, are exactly the same, such as betting, highlighting favorite sports and tournaments, withdrawing or depositing funds, or visiting the casino section among many others.

The conclusion therefore is that although there is no Linebet app for Iphone and Android devices, the function for which these apps are usually installed, which is the convenience of betting from the phone, can be performed without any problem.

Linebet Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals with Linebet can be made by various means such as Visa and Mastercard, Paypal e-wallet, PaySafeCard prepaid card and bank transfer.

All these methods are valid for deposits and withdrawals, with the exception of the PaySafeCard, which for withdrawals will be made via bank transfer.

PAYMENT METHOD:               AVAILABLE:                   TIME:                 FEE:

PAYPAL                                         Yes                          Immediate                No

VISA/MASTERCARD                    Yes                          Immediate                No

TRUSTLY                                       No       

SKRILL                                           No

TRANSFER                                    No

NETELLER                                     No

PAYSAFECARD                             No

Taxation and taxation in Pakistan

Gambling in Pakistan is regulated and therefore there is a control of incoming and outgoing capital from gambling houses and online casinos. This monitoring was introduced as a measure to control money laundering through gambling, and also to ensure that players who make a profit are required to comply with their tax obligations.

It is clear that only those players who have made a profit in private gambling (public gambling is excluded) and only for net winnings will be obliged to declare their net winnings.

This is an increase in wealth that is not taxed in the same way in all cases, as it will not be the same for a worker who earns income as for a person who does not work, who, even if they do not reach a minimum, could be exempt from declaring.

Linebet customer service and security

Linebet's customer support can be provided through a number of different channels of communication. The email address for any questions is customerservice@linebet while the telephone number, free of charge in Pakistan, is +44 20 4577 0803.

Linebet users can also make use of the online chat service available on the website.





  • 24/7 SUPPORT: NO


On the subject of security, Linebet is a safe bookmaker as it is licensed to operate in Pakistan. This means that it complies with all the requirements and that when browsing, betting or making balance movements through its website, you will be within the framework of Pakistan legislation.



  • TELEPHONE: 900 525 919

  • EMAIL: customerservice@linebet

Conclusion of the Linebet analysis

After a detailed analysis of Linebet we can conclude that it is a website marked by simplicity. It is very easy to move through its menus, find the match that interests you and once there, see the range of bets that you can play.

The site can be visited from both computers and mobile phones, and although it does not have an application, the optimal adaptation to smaller screens makes it unnecessary.

Although aspects such as customer service or deposit and withdrawal methods may not have the extensive variety that other bookmakers have, with the options offered, the player's needs are fully covered.

Linebet complies with all the legal regulations to operate in Pakistan, which gives a guarantee to the consume.

PROS                                                                          CONS

Easy to use and intuitive website.                            Visually less modern.

Various promotions available to registered users        No mobile application.

Variety of sports to bet on   

FAQ Linebet Pakistan

How to download the Linebet app?

At Linebet you will not find an application to download to your mobile phone. The truth is that it is not necessary as it is a website developed under the responsive system that facilitates its adaptation to the screen from which it is being visited. Simply by accessing the internet from the browser installed on your phone, you will be able to play and bet at Linebet even though there is no application at the moment.

How to cash out at Linebet?

To cash out the prizes at Linebet we will have to login and order the withdrawal from our player account. To do this we will have different payment methods available, all of them protected by the legality and security, and they are credit or debit cards from Visa and Mastercard, as well as the Paypal e-wallet. In the case of deposits, it is also possible to make use of the prepaid Paysafecard.

Does Linebet offer a welcome bonus?

No, you will not find a welcome bonus at Linebet, just as you will not find it at any other bookmaker in the Pakistan market. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has promoted a Decree that regulates gambling advertising and one of the most talked about aspects is the express prohibition of using any welcome bonus to attract customers. This applies to all bookmakers, casinos and any website that markets gambling in Pakistan.

Is it safe to bet at Linebet?

Playing at Linebet is safe and it is a completely legal activity, so the consumer can feel at ease. We know this from the seals that appear on the page, with the Safe Gambling message with the Ministry's seal, along with access to the platform. Linebet has all the licenses to market its products in Pakistan and its payments and collections are secure, only managed with established and recognised payment methods.

How to register with Linebet?

When we visit the Linebet website we see that in the access area there is a button that says "Register". If we click on it we will see the screen to create the account with the 3 main sections which are Account Creation, Personal Details and Deposit. The user will have to fill in each field to be able to register at Linebet, and in case of any doubts, a live chat will be available to solve these possible questions.

How does Linebet work?

Linebet works in a very simple way, whether we like to play from the computer or from the mobile phone. It divides its website into Sports, Live, Casino, Live Roulette and Slots. In sports it allows you to play on a wide range of leagues and tournaments, with a variety of bet types that in some cases is really curious. If we click on a quota, the bet will go to the ticket, where we will have to decide the amount and, if necessary, play.